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About Me

I've been in Affiliate and Internet Marketing for over 10 years and this is the first opportunity that I've found to be truly excited about, because I don't have to plan extra money into my budget each month.  Why?  I use the products everyday!

Until I found this website, my online revenue was primarily built upon the advertising and affiliate marketing websites that I personally own and operate.  I enjoy working with my all of my websites, as well as the opportunity that I have to help others succeed.

It's no secret that persistence and determination are a few of the key factors necessary to have success.  But, there is another element that's even more important ... commitment.  And, when you find a proven, sustainable opportunity that you are passionate about - like I am the opportunity you see outlined below - then, it's time to fully commit.

I am committed to this residual income opportunity and your long-term success in it!

Can I Earn Residual Income?

YES YOU CAN! In this uncertain world with an uncertain economy we provide an opportunity to generate a reliable ongoing monthly income stream to people with a burning desire to make a difference in their lives. A vehicle with an impeccable record of over three decades of providing families a Reliable Residual Income they can count on to enjoy the finer things in life.

What is Residual Income?

Residual income is compensation you receive time and again for something you did once

How can you earn it with us:

To create true residual income you must have a business model that generates income through clients that purchase the same products and services time and again

Our parent company operates in the consumable products industry with over one billion in sales annually. Products that everyone must purchase and cannot live without

We provide a proven business model and marketing strategies to offer those exceptional products directly to the consumers at a reasonable price

You participate in a compensation plan that pays you every time consumers make a purchase

Since consumers purchase directly from the manufacturer you do not have to sell products or carry inventory. Best of all, since customers make purchases every month you get paid every month achieving True Residual Income







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